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Post-Operative Rehab

Get back to the activities you love.

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Start the Road of Recovery

We are happy to walk with you through your journey of recovery from any indicated orthopedic surgery. We are well experienced in joint replacements, rotator cuff repairs, soft tissue/tendon repairs, spine surgeries, and many more. By choosing to come to Living Water for your post-op PT, you can be confident that we will communicate well with your surgeon and their team in following their desired protocols, help you to minimize your pain, and maximize your function. 

We want you to reach all of your goals and help you get back to doing what you love. Traditional insurance-based PT will often limit how many visits you can attend or require you to be seen within a certain time period. Because we are a cash pay practice, there is no limit on how long we can see you or stipulations on frequency. 


What Client's Say

I loved how healing prayer was incorporated into my physical therapy session. I felt that what is typically a transaction-based healthcare service was transformed into a relationship-based healing ministry. I left my physical therapy session feeling refreshed in a much deeper way than just physically. I felt a deep inner peace. My husband commented later that night that something was different about me. I asked him what, and he said that I seemed much more present and full of joy. Praise God!

Ashley S.


Common Procedures Physical Therapy Can Help With


Soft Tissue / Tendon Repair

Rotator Cuff Repairs
Spinal Decompression / Fusion
Joint Replacements
Labral Repair
Meniscus Repair

Don't let an injury or disease hold you back.

Schedule a free consultation with our expert physical therapist.

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