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Physical Therapist

Therapy for Chronic Pain

Get back to the activities you love.

Life Beyond Chronic Pain

Chronic pain accounts for an estimated 635 billion dollars of healthcare spending each year. We want the buck to stop here at Living Water. We recognize that while chronic pain may be felt physically, it affects all aspects of your body, mind, and soul. We witness chronic pain-causing constant distractions, leading to depression, feelings of hopelessness, and contributing to other health concerns due to decreased physical activity. 

In addressing chronic pain, we take a highly individualized approach with each of our patients to guide not only the physical healing of your body but simple changes in your lifestyle to help decrease your pain. The physical therapy world is ever-evolving with a developing understanding of the neuroscience of pain, and we have never had more hope of helping you finally be free of your chronic pain. 


What Client's Say

I loved how healing prayer was incorporated into my physical therapy session. I felt that what is typically a transaction-based healthcare service was transformed into a relationship-based healing ministry. I left my physical therapy session feeling refreshed in a much deeper way than just physically. I felt a deep inner peace. My husband commented later that night that something was different about me. I asked him what, and he said that I seemed much more present and full of joy. Praise God!

Ashley S.


Common Issues Physical Therapy Can Help With


Joint Pain

Neck Pain
Sports Injuries
Low Back Pain
Limited Mobility

Don't let an injury or disease hold you back.

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